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Big Questions Productions, a Maryland incorporated 501(c)(3), is an Emmy® Award winning documentary production company that uses film to explore and illuminate questions at the intersection of people, values, and money.


As a platform for innovative, cutting-edge films, we document complex issues and problems from around the world through the eyes of the individuals they impact. We examine opportunities for change by following dedicated community leaders, innovative organizations, and new theories being tested right now in the real world. Our series capitalizes on the power of media to reach and affect audiences to make real change.

Big Issues

Behind every news story is a tangle of interconnected human stories that rarely get told: Broken systems, desperate circumstances, and struggling people whose hope for a better future depends on systemic change. Most news stories give 30 seconds to skim a story and then move on, leaving the public unaware of deeper issues and actions could make a difference.  


We are filling this news gap with high-quality film produced by a skilled team that seamlessly sets up each issue for the viewer before telling the stories of real people on the ground. We create a clear, compelling narrative that hows viewers how to make real change to tackle real problems. 

A Clear Perspective

Many of the people in our stories are stuck at the bottom of our global community and economy. By focusing on these people and their stories, we invite the rest of the world to change the systemic cultural, economic, and political systems that are keeping them stuck. As these stories move into the public domain, they are transformed from the problems of the few to the challenges for the many. As people and communities — businesses, citizens, professionals, governments — understand the root causes and impact of these stories, they also see the potential for systemic, enduring solutions.  With ears to the ground, cameras in hand, our team is always alert to the new stories and emerging big questions behind the news. 

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